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JD Daojia sets Singles Day record

2022-05-16 Middle school students design satellite Quiz: Guess what it takes to become astronaut! Xiaomi's UK launch stumbles on 'click-bait' phone sale China to launch Chang'e-5 lunar probe in 2019 Startups shine at maker night 'China model' of development provides unique advantages Researchers find new immune disease risk genes Bay Area in vanguard of China's global march AECOM set to build on China's solid foundation Man in moon may soon be Chinese Lego to build on China success Business magnate sees bright future for region JD Daojia sets Singles Day record Tmall helps Royal Mail's China deliveries China plans manned outpost on moon 'Great expectations' for Macao's role in Bay Area Businesswoman says region can take giant strides by working together Industrial base reborn with cars Tencent joins race for self-driving car