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Anyang firm's new tech matches ambition

2022-05-16 Yidianzixun CEO: China's internet grows with reform WuXi AppTec launches medical device testing center in Suzhou British business booming in China JD chief seeks to reassure investors Rioters give HK 'cold' Christmas holidays Robberies, burglaries on rise amid HK unrest Anyang firm's new tech matches ambition Police only use minimum necessary force against violence Samsung unveils high-end phone with China Telecom Former chairman of China coal technology under probe Chinese executives bullish on M&A HKSAR gov't refutes allegations about 'police brutality' on Christmas Eve New trend: HK people spend holiday in Guangdong Police serve HK with honor, duty, loyalty amid unrest Guangdong a hot spot for HK Christmas travel Majority of Taiwan people identify with traditional Chinese culture: survey JD and Xiaomi post strong profits in Q3 Fujifilm excited by the 'unlimited potential' of Chinese health market Freedoms, rights by no means eroded in Hong Kong: HKSAR govt